Why You Need Software Requirements Documentation

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We’re excited to announce the Leaner MVP Fall Release 2023, a collection of features we’re releasing today or shipped over the last few weeks.

The more you know about what you need your software to do, the faster you will get the right result. Defining and structuring your requirements is preparation of great importance before you start developing a product.

Requirements can supplement project documentation. Leading companies that take care of requirement traceability don’t have to waste time preparing additional project
documentation. Modern agile teams are often interdisciplinary and consist of people with
different skillsets, from coding to marketing. Requirements describe all these aspects of a
product to provide a single source of truth for everyone involved in the project and allow
them to see how their work fits into the bigger picture.

Requirements that are clear and measurable allow you to check whether they have been met or not at any moment, so you can implement changes before the project becomes


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Set up a Progressive Web App (PWA) on you mobile or tablet device if you want to more easily use the Leaner MVP  (internal user experience) on the go. Note that while this makes the experience of accessing the Leaner MVP better on Android or iOS, our PWA doesn’t yet have push notifications. To install the PWA, follow the device-specific instructions here.

Reduce the costs of managing requirements manually

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