AI-Powered Data Segmentation Made Easy

The Leaner MVP helps simplify the data segmentation process by making it easier to gather, qualify and aggregate data.

About The Leaner MVP

Data Segmentation that Adds Structure to Unstructured Data

The task of segmenting data is critical to helping organizations enhance productivity and reduce cost.

Businesses must be aware of the massive amounts of incoming unstructured raw data that can cause poor decision-making, budget waste, time burn, and effort consumption.

The Leaner MVP was created to leverage artificial intelligence to make it easier to categorize data, segregate themes, and detect repeated trends across a range of factors.

Our solution assists with using natural language to parse and extract data from documents while eliminating inefficiencies, and refining your decision-making process.

How it Works

Four-Step Process


The document data you want to extract


The data extracting parameters


Your data library and upload the PDF document


Are you creating an Excel file, dashboard or list?

End Results:

Agile Solutions

to extracting data and increase accuracy

Ai-Powered Processes

Reduce the time it takes to define and structure data

Quick Prototyping

Automate data processing by reducing time and creating efficiencies

Process Library

Manage the complexities of data analysis across business units and functions

The result is a multi-discipline, natural language solution to work across business units.

Agile solutions to complex problems, end-to-end business analysis, and structured data product.

Reduce the costs of managing data manually

Request a demo to accelerate your data segmentation process.
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