AI-Powered Process Gathering Made Easy

The Leaner MVP helps define and standardize processes, maximize resources, mitigate risks, eliminate silos, and create company-wide transparency.

About The Leaner MVP

AI-Powered Process Solutions That Simplify Complex Workflows

Defining process flows are critical to helping organizations and teams analyze, optimize, and standardize new and everyday processes. 

Undefined processes can lead to lack of clarity, poor or no communication channels, and undefined structure.

The Leaner MVP was created to leverage artificial intelligence to standardize processes, visualize workflows, analyze processes, maximize systems, and innovate at a fraction of the time and financial loss of undefined processes.

Our solution assists with simplifying complicated business processes, eliminates inefficiencies and identifies optimization opportunities.

How it Works

Four-Step Process


what should you include and exclude? Where does the process start and end?


what factors impact the process?


what is the sequential order of the process?


who will be doing what?

End Results:

Agile Solutions

Defined process flows help detect and prevent risks more efficiently

AI-Powered Processes

reduce bottlenecks and identify opportunity gaps

Quick Prototyping

Automate processes by reducing time and creating efficiencies

Process Library

Manage complexities across business units and functions

The result is a multi-discipline, natural language solution to work across business units.

Agile solutions to complex problems, end-to-end business analysis, visualization of wireframe requirements.

Reduce the costs of managing requirements manually

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